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Where are we & when do we meet?

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The club meets at Fort Widley every Monday and Thursday

We meet every week on Monday & Thursday nights, except for Bank Holidays and a few days around Christmas and New Year.

Southsea Sub Aqua Club
Fort Widley
Portsdown Hill Road

Entrance as seen from Portsdown Hill Road

The fort is situated along the B2177 with plenty of car parking in front. Entry to the club is via the fort's Eastern entrance. The Club House itself is situated through the large green gate, round to the left, through the door marked “Ladies Toilet” and first door to the right.

Main entrance to Fort Widley

Please be aware that the gate is normally closed but unlocked. This is to keep in any animals grazing around the fort.

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Alternative map (Street maps).

By email or phone

Chairman Diving Officer
Alison Mayor Martin Davies
chairman @ southseasubaqua.org.uk do @ southseasubaqua.org.uk
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07740 873255 07957 267391
Secretary  Treasurer
Matt Finnie  Doug Carter
secretary @ southseasubaqua.org.uk  wadcarter @ gmail.com
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07920 863260  01730 268230


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