Our expedition to Normandy to investigate and document wrecks of the Banc de Cardonnet
has challenged us in many ways. Our team of divers has been supported throughout by many
people and organisations who have helped us achieving our aims and objectives. With diving
only possible on 4 days, and further restricted by tides and visibility we have gathered a
remarkable amount of information.
This information has helped us to begin to understand these wrecks and their part in the
events of D-Day. Two of the wrecks (contacts 468 and 475) are likely to be LCT(6)s though we
cannot be sure of their identity. Contact 466 is likely to be the bow of LCT(5) 458 due to the
vicinity of her cargo of vehicles at contacts 471 and 470. The other wreck (Contact 464) is
unidentified but likely to be a landing craft. We await the outcome of French Navy bomb
disposal team visit to this site.
Project Cardonnet has demonstrated our determination to conduct a responsible and carefully
managed project, mindful always of the sensitive nature of these sites and that we were
ambassadors for British diving by ensuring we met the requirements needed to conduct such
a project in French waters. We hope that this report and our project will be viewed as a success
and our sincere thanks to all those who have helped us with this remarkable endeavour to
understand and honour the loss of those men of the Normandy Campaign.

The full report runs to over 90 pages and is nearly 5Mb, so will take some time to download.  If you would like to find out in detail about the conduct and conclusions of the expedition, please download the report here: