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As part of the 70th Anniversary of DDay and in recognition of the significant role played by the Solent in the preparations for the Invasion of Normandy, members of SSAC will be taking to the water this summer to record the remains of Mulberry Harbour units along the South Coast. 

Two Mulberry Harbours, each the size of Dover were constructed around the country and gathered in the Solent to Selsey area before being towed across the English Channel.  The divers aim to compile a record of the underwater remains of the harbours which, for various reasons failed to make the journey and lie scattered on the sea bed.  The information gathered will be shared with English Heritage and other organisations.  If you want to know more about this ambitious project or have information that may be of use to the team please contact Alison Mayor alisonmayor @ .


Update: This project has been completed. Please read all about it here.

Edit: Email address has been updated to provide a new email address for Alison Mayor


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