The Committee meets most months to discuss Club matters and the minutes of the meeting are available for all members to read – see Committee notice board. If you have any issues you wish the Committee to consider please speak to the Secretary or Chairman. Their contact details, along with the contact details of some of the other committee members, are on the Contact Us page.

Each year members are invited to stand for committee positions and when there is more than one person for a position; members at the AGM are invited to vote. Below are the current members of our committee.

  • Tom Templeton - Chairman
  • Description:

    also Safeguarding Officer

  • Stephen Blackburn - Secretary
  • Martin Davies - Diving Officer
  • Description:

    also Boats Officer

  • Doug Carter - Treasurer
  • Iain Jones - Training Officer
  • Nickie Tunnicliffe - Bar Officer
  • Rob Watkins - Equipment Officer
  • Alison Mayor - Membership Secretary
  • Pippa Hardistay - Social Seretary
  • General Member (Vacant)
  • General Member 2 (Vacant)