Required Gear

Whilst someone may have been diving for a while prior to starting this course, there may be occasions when a Dive Leader candidate may not have all their own dive gear at the start of the course. It is highly recommended that the candidate would be familiar with their own Scuba gear and any additional items which they will be diving with during the dives. Some items may be available to hire from the club if required, for example, a diving cylinder.

Full Scuba gear, including: mask; fins; snorkel; buoyancy compensator; regulator set (equipped with a main demand valve, alternative supply demand valve and contents gauge); depth gauge & timer/watch or dive computer; diving suit, weights and weight belt/integrated weight system; knife or line cutter; copy of the BSAC 88 Nitrox Tables or Dive Computer; a torch; and a suitable diving cylinder for the planned dives (i.e. 12 or 15 litre) or two. The DL candidate should also pay consideration to an alternative gas supply, should their main gas or that of their buddy’s fail.


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Recommended Gear

To allow members to dive all year round, most club members use a Drysuit, but a few do wear semi-dry or wetsuits during the summer months. If you have not completed suitable training for the Drysuit, we can offer a Drysuit Workshop which consists of a couple of lectures and an open water session.

Almost all members dive with a Dive computer and one that supports Nitrox would definitely be a better choice. Whilst all new Dive Computers support Nitrox, it is possible to purchase Air only dive computers from second-hand sources. If the candidate has not previously completed a Nitrox Course, we can offer a Nitrox Workshop which consists of a few lectures and a theory test.

For diving in UK waters, we definitely recommend diving with gloves and a suitable hood as they will keep the diver warm. During the summer some divers may wish to not dive with gloves, but consideration should be made to the type of diving too (i.e. deep, wreck). As such many would consider these essential. A dSMB, reel, compass, knife or a line cutter would all form an essential part of any UK diver’s gear.

With regards to diving gas, the DL candidate should consider an alternative source such as a side-slung cylinder or twin set.

If you are unsure about what would be best for you, please feel free to chat with one of our Instructors, on a club night.


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