Project Cato has sought to clarify the remains of a wreck on the seabed that was listed as that of an Auk/Catherine class minesweeper. Through a detailed investigation of the remains of the wreckage, the team would attempt to conclude that the wreckage was that of an Auk/Catherine class minesweeper HMS Cato. Using tried and tested methodology, the team would dive all of the minesweeper wrecks in the area and gather information on them in order to establish baseline information. From the information gathered the team would be able to determine facts about the sites and make informed conclusions.

The Project Cato team will investigate a number of wrecks associated with the WW2 Normandy Campaign which are believed to be associated with the protection of shipping in the area. The task of minesweepers was extremely hazardous and the relentless efforts and bravery of the crews was rarely acknowledged in the constant battle to maintain clear shipping routes for valuable supplies to feed advancing armies in order to win the campaign.

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