SSAC has a presence on social media and uses it for a variety of tasks.

We use our website more for promoting the club and long-standing items, such as the projects we’ve run and a variety of news reports from over the years. The website hosts a number of images and documents for the club, as well as providing a portal to share some of our videos.


Our Facebook Page is used to promote more recent activities and we welcome those who wish to follow us there. This relatively new page is being used to promote recent news and events or upcoming items that may be of interest to both the members and the wider public.

Please do follow us on Facebook


The club’s Facebook Group is used to aid communication between members. This is open for the club's members. Through this group, we can discuss dives, training courses, social events and a variety of other activities that members may be interested in.


Our YouTube channel is used to host a variety of videos created by club members and has also some playlists to showcase other videos where our club and members have been involved elsewhere.

Please do subscribe to our YouTube Channel & click the bell You'll be kept up to date with many of our activities. It doesn't cost anything to subscribe or click the bell and you'll be notified when we upload new videos.


Our Instructors are also encouraged to join a closed WhatsApp group to discuss training requirements and other related items. For those who are not familiar, WhatsApp is primarily run on a smartphone, but it is also possible to link your WhatsApp account to a computer (Window 8 and later or Mac). See the download page here.