Extract from Martin Davies' report:

Wreck Condition

Hole in rear casing 49cm long
Hole in rear casing 49cm long

The wreck of the A1 Submarine remains a stable and robust site for visiting divers to see, while she is showing signs of deterioration in many areas, the cracks in the conning tower being the most visible.

Numerous holes can be seen in the rear casing one of the largest is 49cm across. The submarine is still very much intact. The build-up of sediment inside the wreck remains a concern in the forward torpedo loading hatch area along with a large amount of seaweed. When I brief divers they are always advised not to enter the wreck. The sediment and mobile silt that is carried in the water column and gives the area its poor visibility seems to be deposited in this area.


The A1 is as popular as ever with still much interest in the wreck and I can only see it growing greater next year. The story of HMSm A1 and the wreck today featured in the 2011 BBC television programme, Britain’s Hidden Heritage and the ‘SCUBA’ magazine feature in April 2012 has generated interest this year in diving the site, however, the poor weather that has dominated the 2012 season has impacted on the amount of diving and survey activity that was planned.

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BBC: Britain's Hidden Heritage, Series 1, Episode 2

"...guest reporter Charley Boorman uncovers the sunken remains of Britain's very first submarine."

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