Southsea Sub-Aqua Club has a number of members who are qualified Instructors. To help ensure that our club fully complies with the BSAC's Safeguarding Policy, we ask all the Instructors to complete the DBS checking process through the BSAC. For more information about the club's Welfare and Safeguarding Policy, please click here.

Instructor group photo (2021)
Instructors at Southsea Sub-Aqua Club (October 2021)


The BSAC has a number of Instructor qualifications. Each course is run on a national basis to international standards.

Snorkel Instructor Course

  1. Snorkel Instructor
  2. Advanced Snorkel Instructor
  3. Snorkel Instructor Trainer

Scuba Instructor Courses

  1. Instructor Foundation Course (Assistant Diving Instructor)
  2. Theory Instructor
  3. Practical Instructor
  4. Open Water Instructor
  5. Advanced Instructor
  6. National Instructor
  7. Technical Instructor
  8. Diving For All programme

There are some older instructor qualifications that are still valid but are not issued anymore, such as Club Instructor. There are paths within BSAC to upgrade these to a currently issued instructor grade.

Already a Diving Instructor?

For Qualified Diving Instructors from other agencies, the BSAC run regional courses to allow you to switch to BSAC as an Instructor. The process requires you to join a BSAC Club, such as SSAC, or a BSAC Diving Centre and participate in an Instructor Crossover Course.

For more information, click here.

Some of our club's Instructors:

  • Martin Davies
  • Iain Jones, OWI
  • Pete Dolphin, OWI
  • Jim Fuller, OWI
  • Tom Templeton, OWI
  • Jenny Watkins, OWI
  • Rob Watkins, OWI
  • Phil Hart, Assistant AI
  • Ollie Meaden, OWI
  • James Soos
  • Rob Dawson, OWI
  • Steven Winstanley, AI