The following is an abstract of the 2010 report on the wreck of HM Submarine A1 submitted by the Licensee (our own DO, Martin Davies).

Shot buoy on the surface with Pot Marker
Shot buoy on the surface with Pot Marker


This year has seen more research into the sinking of A1 and documents from National Archives have been studied in order to gain more knowledge about the submarine, the initial sinking with the Berwick Castle and how it came to its final resting place.


Having been involved with diving on Holland V this year, it is disturbing to learn about the loss of the torpedo hatch and that there may be trophy hunters at large who are prepared to dive to 35m to steal valuable items from Historic Protected wrecks. The wreck of A1 is particularly accessible and in shallow waters and could easily be the target of a similar act.


A1 remains a stable wreck preserved by a combination of Solent sediment and concretion, whilst there are areas where cracks are visible, mainly in the conning tower area these cracks do not appear to be getting worse and if they are it is by very small amounts. The main threat to the wreck is from commercial fishing vessels and their tackle snagging the wreck. Their powerful winches and engines could do some severe damage if they attempted recovery of tackle after snagging. It is this threat that I believe English Heritage should be concentrating on but appear to be doing very little.

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